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I know I am NOT the only one. The incessant commercials are annoying and you can't escape them if you watch any TV before 6 PM!

The repetitiveness is maddening...day after day...the same *** commercial. One can only hope that the owner figures out that the public is turned off and not willing to buy one more pillow. This seems to be a good outlet for all of us to express our anger at this product and the owner. I wonder how many much money is being spent for this constant barrage of commercials.

Obviously selling overpriced pillows is a lucrative endeavor. Please...stop the madness and stop all commercials.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: TV commercials.

I didn't like: Tv commercials.

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I would rather sleep on a cactus.


Please contact Mike Lindell and tell him to stop the commercials for Gods sake! IF I was going to buy one, I would have done it by now!!


Stop this madness this guy is crazy I change the station as soon as his ugly face appears on tvTv managers you loose big number audiences just for too much greed stop showing his fake commercials


STOP The MY PILLOW ads---They are ridiculous


Everyone should get to gather and make there own commercial, And have a pillow burning bond fire. People can throw my pillows and Mike dolls on the bond fire.

I have never seen a stupid over priced pillow, advertised so much. This by far is the most sickening long running commercial I have ever seen.

Mike clams he believes in the pillow. I truly believe he is the only person that does.


The blonde woman can't speak without singing her message. Yuk.

Sick to death of those commercials.

I gave my husband 2 for Christmas and he had to take half the inside out. Said they hurt his neck.


I’m with you! It’s awful to have my nice evening watching tv and there he is.

Changing channels doesn’t help.

He is everywhere! I try muting and that seems to work better for me and my family.


Yes, the Marie Osmond “I’m Marie and I lost 50 pounds” makes me want to put out a contract on the woman!


I totally agree. This is nothing short of brainwashing and should be illegal to torture people this way.

He claims to have spent two years researching before “inventing” a stupid overpriced pillow. He also claims that this pillow is the answer to sleepless nights. Someone who preys on people who share a common ailment such as sleeplessness with a claim to alleviate it all because of a PILLOW should be horse whipped.

The incessant commercials and the constant playing of the tune is sheer torture!! I hate this man!


So glad I found this!! This is corporate brainwashing..It never ends!..I hate ADVERTISING!!


Guess corporate control has taken over

Well, back to radio for

me - or my Netflix!!!

to j.g.laine #1434614

No use going to the radio... he even has announcers pushing his *** pillows. This guy must spend a fortune on commercials, hopefully his money will run out and he'll go away.


Stop just stop never will buy one and no one's care about your pillow


Please stop this commercial.

Please ensure no one you know buys one of those freaking pillows.


Wouldn't buy one if it was the last frickin pillow on earth, what an annoying man!


Please, please dear God stop my pillow commercials!


We agree that "My Pillow" is very annoying. We are sick and tired of muting and changing channels to not watch this and the annoying "Nutri System" ads.

I would never buy this pillow or anything that says " but wait, we will send you a second one free". My Pillow is causing us to loose interest in some of our favorite TV programs including our favorite news program.



Agreed!! Please stop .

I change the channel as soon as it comes on now. We are sick of it.


AGREED! This moron's ads have reached local radio now.

When will it stop? No product has ever been so relentlessly force fed to an innocent public as this inane pillow (His Effing Pillow).

My God, I've been bombarded by this assshole for years now. My only hope is that ad costs will bankrupt this jackasss.

to Art Vandelay #1411912

Unfortunately he became a billionaire from these ads so you must find another way to silence him (hint..hint..)

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