I am not sure what is worse, another obvious fraudulent "as seen on tv" product, or the morons who are so eager to spend lol over 100 dollars on 2 pillows. Pro Tip: EVERYTHING in infomercials is almost always a 100% scam. There really needs to be laws against all these tv product scams, but then again if people actually used their brains for 5 minutes, these scamming companies wouldn't be able to sell you a hundred dollar piece of *** pillow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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There are laws against blatantly false claims, and there are many "as seen on tv" items that work exactly as promised. Blaming the buyers for purchasing a bad product is just as silly as writing a review on a product that you have never purchased.


Love mine!


I think it is rude to call people suckers, it is more likely they are seaking a resolution to a serious problem. That is why I read reviews.

However, I don't like being called a sucker.

I don't like the price and would prefer not to pay it. But I would pay almost anything not to wake up in the middle of the night with a headache, sore neck and shoulder....


Agreed! I don't understand why anyone would spend this kind of money on a PILLOW.

Having a bad nights sleep...buy a new high quality mattress, not a *** pillow!

I just took my son to a local store in West Columbia, SC for new pillows and they wanted $150 EACH for memory foam pillows. Hahaha.

I spent $400 on a decent memory foam mattress from Amazon.  


I just listened to the end of one of their radio informationals. Claim they tried every pillow in the world and none were any good. What a scam.


I didn't really see a review here.

to Anonymous Vallejo, California, United States #1091912

The person is reviewing the id1otic customers that deserve to get ripped off for their stup1dity.

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