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THey sent me an email offering me special pricing as a thank I thought I would get my dog a bed. They did not list their prices...instead noted their beds were as low as 35 something.

So I checked I wanted a medium which was noted +35.00. I thought it was 35.00, but a different total was noted on my bill. Plus, the price of the bed kept changing before my eyes. I called customer service and she said it was malfunctioning.

I called again and was given a supervisor. She told me that I should automatically know 5hat I had to take the lowest price and add 35.00 to calculate my total. I found this type of advertising to be vague and misleading. I also mentioned that the price kept fhanging.

She ignored me. She was curt, snippy, disrespectful. I did not purchase their bed, but rather purchased from a different company.

I will not do any more business with this company. Lots of companies who want my business

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Shopping Advertisement.

Reason of review: Snippy supervisor.

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