I have not believed that a simple pillow could make any noticeable difference in my sleep, especially because I use amazing goose down pillows. My husband ordered it.

I thought "ridiculous and frivolous." He said he dreams all the time now. One day I tried to take a nap and could not fall sleep, so I stole his "My Pillow" for a nap, and I fell right to sleep. Now I steal it all the time except at night. For some reason, when I tried to take a nap yesterday, I could not fall alseep and then felt miserable all day.

Looking back, I realized it's because we both took a nap together, and HE had the "My Pillow!" Now I'm going to have to get one for myself.

So don't believe it's not a good pillow just because someone has a gripe. Some people just gripe because they gotta gripe.

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