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I keep seeing the MY PILLOW commercials and they bug me because I have had one for years and it is not exactly as advertised! I bought MY PILLOW about 5 or 6 years ago at retail store for cash currency—NOT on internet or 800 phone, which I NEVER do—so there is no ‘record’ of purchase for so-called 10 year guarantee.

I remember I was so shocked at the extremely high price of over $50.00 that I waited a couple of months before I finally gave in and bought it!!! When 5 or 6 years ago I splurged that $50+, and it was brand new it probably held the shape more like advertised—frankly I don’t remember, but it was a big improvement over the old fiberfill I had used. BUT now and for recent years, the MY PILLOW sinks under the weight of my head just like a fiberfill. MY PILLOW does NOT ‘hold its shape’ under my head and has not for years!

Technically, it is the ‘best’ pillow I ever owned. BUT that is BECAUSE in 7 decades I NEVER before used a pillow that cost more than $10.00, usually much less than $10.00!!! My bed pillows in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970s were always good old fashioned foam rubber pillows from Woolworth's (NOT to be confused with that memory foam stuff which did not exist back then) but old fashioned foam rubber which was really very comfortable to sleep on and stayed exactly as purchased for years—neither too hard nor too soft; and which did not ‘remember’ depressions as that memory foam stuff does in shoes and makes them miserable to wear!!! The only problem with old foam rubber was that the surface began to crumble and flake apart after half dozen or so years of use, making taking off and putting back on the washable zipper cover messy!

Starting in the 1980’s and since, I had purchased fiberfill bed pillows at Walmart ,also always under $10.00, because I couldn't find old foam rubber pillows any more! About 5 or 6 years ago I decided to splurge that HUGE amount of $50 on the MY PILLOW. When brand new it probably held the shape as advertised. BUT now the MY PILLOW sinks under the weight of my head just like fiberfill.

MY PILLOW does NOT ‘hold its shape’ as advertised and has not for years. I can push and punch it like the man in the commercial does, and my weight still makes it sink in a depression under my head. I have to keep pushing and folding it under my head just like the ‘other’ pillows in the commercial. As for washable---well, although I fluffed the pillow in the dryer once or twice a year, I did not wash it before during 5-6 years until this past August!

Yes it is washable, BUT even after OVER and HOUR in the DRYER the filling WAS STILL DAMP regardless that the cover was dry!!! When I put my head on it I could feel the dampness of the filling through the pillow cover and the pillow slip over it!!!!! It took another 48 HOURS to finish drying in the open air before the MY PILLOW was dry enough to sleep on!!! I cannot afford to keep feeding $1.50 per dryer load to keep it in the machine dryer until filling is dry---why wasn’t an HOUR sufficient to dry MY PILLOW filling????!!!!

This is the very thing that makes the commercials bug me so much----that it took two days to finish drying after an HOUR in the dryer!!!!!!! I will continue to use the MY PILLOW for many years (after all I spent that HUGE $50 plus on it), and it IS better than the cheap fiber fill pillows I had before it, BUT it is NOT as great as advertised! It does NOT hold its shape under the weight of my head as advertised!!!

AND IT TAKES DAYS TO DRY!!!! I recommend it conditionally---it is a good pillow, but certainly NOT as great as advertised!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Standard Classic Pillow.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: But my pillow does not hold shape and takes days to dry.

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You must not have the correct fill size for your needs. My pillow holds it's shape just fine.

Maybe time for a new clothes dryer also. My pillow dries in a normal,single cycle.

You also must have gotten a receipt when you 1st purchased it. If not,that should have been addressed years ago

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