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Free pillow ? they sell them all day long for 47 dollars from QVC and 49 dollars from amazon.

Bothe have free shipping. Once I realized that the commercial was misleading and an actual lie. I tried to stop the order... ( 1 hour after placing the order ) I was told the item already shipped....

you don't get a free pillow, they just charge you double for the first one. Mike Lindell is a piece of sH&& liar. He guarantees his product and his customer service. both of which are the worst I have even experienced in my 71 years of life.

When I tried to get some guarantee for the customer service I was told, they were sorry but there is nothing I can do. he makes sure YOU pay to return his product.

I could have bought two pillows for 94 dollars from almost anywhere. Its a shame that more people do not research this product before they buy it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Buy One Get One Free Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Rockville, Connecticut, United States #1217326

I cannot believe I fell for the commercial! It is the worst POS I have ever spent my hard earned money.

I will be returning and hope that I do not get the royal run around everyone else seems to be getting.

Made in America, big laugh if that is the only quality that they can make at their factory.

to Anonymous Des Plaines, Illinois, United States #1217728

I'd like to kick that s.o.b. right in his f'in mouth with his creepy mustache and bobbing adam's apple with his dyed hair!

When I have the tv on I have to walk around with the remote in my pocket so I can mute the s.o.b. jackhole! Bought his *** pillow when first commercials appeared and couldn't return the lumpy p.o.s. because they wouldn't take it back for reasons they say had no info on my and/or I didn't return it soon enough and some other reasons not true so could not return.

Tried it for less than a week and was disgusted by its lumpy disgusting and material!!! Tossed it where it belongs in the garbage. That ugly s.o.b. is so repulsive I can't stand his voice and then have to see all the above with his bouncing and pumping the pillow and side to side squeezing the pillow is revolting and ***!

If he said "my pillow my pillow one moe time I might have thrown the tv in the garbage with his *** garbage pillow and the people who say they luv luv it are in the same repulsive freaky faces and voices as he has. Must be family related!

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