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MyPillow in Fort Worth, Texas - Very disappointed

I have 6 My Pillows and love them. I bought the mattress pad to replace an old 3 inch memory foam pad that had no cover. The My Pillow pad COVER is very nice! My husband put the new pad on TOP of the old 3" memory foam. I was too lazy to remove the old one and we slept on them both for several months. All was fine but the bed was really too high. Last week we took off the old memory foam to just use the My Pillow pad and we both hate it. My husband can't get comfortable (shoulder and back issues) and every time he moves even a little the whole bed shakes and wakes me up. The underneath foam layer is pretty stiff and the top layer of the memory foam is very thin. I just ordered a new all memory foam topper--it has no cover but I will use 2 quilted mattress pads over it. We know that will work fine. Can hardly wait to get the My Pillow pad off the bed.
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Mypillow Mattress Topper
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MyPillow in Arlington, Texas - This Christian claimed business is out to rip you off.

My pillow topper is a huge scam! They say you have a 60 day money back guarentee..but will tell you that you have to donate the topper to get a refund. The manager also hung up on us a we were asking why we would not get a refund! This is the most unprofessional business i have ever seen. Do not fall for their scam! Down and drity scoundrals!
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The reason they ask you to donate is because they cannot sell it once someone has slept on it. By donating the mattress topper, you may be helping someone who doesn't even have a bed.

Did you ever think that the Salvation Army & other places to donate the topper may give that topper to a homeless person who would be more appreciative of that, than those who complain about everything. Before you ask, no I don't work for My Pillow company.

We purchased a mattress topper for our camper & it was a drastic improvement. So, instead of calling people scam artists, perhaps you should learn why they ask you to donate it & you should be counting your blessings that you aren't one of the homeless people who would love to have something comfortable to lay on.


I think you missed the point of the complaint. The company not only forces the purchaser to donate the slightly used topper, but they keep $60 for shipping.

The company doesn’t want the problem of getting rid of the used topper. This has nothing to do with being rich or poor, but has EVERYTHING to do with false advertising.

Furthermore, management sounds horrific to deal with. Too many unsatisfied customers to invest my hard earned money into a product that doesn’t do what the owner of My Pillow claims.


I have repeatedly viewed the ‘My Pillow’ infomercials and was considering the purchase of one. I have had surgery on lower back and have had bilateral hip fusion because of work related back injury.

I have not had a good nights sleep in a few years and this is why I was considering this mattress pillow topper.

However, after reading multiple reviews, I have decided it’s not worth the price, the headache and the lack of transparency. Thank you to all who have taken the time to inform unsuspecting buyers of the negativity of the topper and the company.


The Mattress Topper is an infomercial. Infomercials are scams!

All infomercials want you to the buy junk they sling within the time they have. Hence, all the reviews solidify this product is poorly made junk.

I was thinking of buying this product because the pillow really is amazing. Just get the pillows.


Amazon has the "Perfect Cloud" mattress. My husband and I bought a new travel trailer and the mattress that came with it was junk.

We bought the Perfect Cloud and loved it so much that we bought another mattress for our bed at home.

I also bought a Perfect Cloud pillow. I am 70 years old and I have serious back problems so I still have pain but the new mattress helps me sleep through the night.


Thank you! Just saved $300 by not wasting time and money on junk.

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Mypillow Mattress Topper
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