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I'd like to thank everyone for their review of MYPILLOW. You have saved me from wasting my money on this product.

I find it better to just go to Walmart and actually handling the pillows they have there and making my choice. I ended up purchasing two of their Beauty Rest pillows I believe for about $14 each (purchased a few months ago). They have held up pretty well and my favorite thing about them is that they stay cool while I sleep which is a plus in my book. We live in a day and age when a persons word or handshake isn't as trustworthy as it used to be.

Would you buy a car without first checking it out? I compare the price of pillows and cars because money is money and unless you're wealthy you should make good a judgement before spending any of it. That's where investing money in the magazine Consumer Reports should come in. It will pay for itself the first time you make a purchase based on its report of the product that you bought.

These forums are ok to get some insight from others on a product but for a professional opinion Consumer Reports gives you the full scoop. I've been a subscriber for over 30 years and it has saved me loads of money.

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Lake Orion, Michigan, United States #1166227

They have a bad track record.Looks like its Wallys world for me to.thank you.bmw

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