I bought 2 my pillows from bed bath and beyond as a gift. A week later i bought 2 my pillows from the my pillow web site.The 2 i bought at bb and beyond were gifts the 2 i bought from the web site were for my wife and myself.

when they arrived they were totally different pillows the bb and beyond pillows were inferior to the ones on the website.when i wrote to my pillow about this they suggested i return the bb and beyond pillows to bb and beyond.they never addressed the poor quality pillow they sell to bb and beyond.

I pointed out that there was no mention by either company that there was a difference between the pillows. I feel deceived .The people i gave the gift to threw out the boxes and i hope bb and beyond will take them back without the box.The representative at my pillow [only known as jessica .D]refused to explain why the pillows were different or the fact that neither company tells there customers there is a difference.I can understand why a company that sells pillows and uses these practices to sell them wants to keep its customers in the dark.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $110.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

MyPillow Cons: Deception, Customer service.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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Og, gee, a liberal from NY playing victim. What a surprise.


I am as list as you are about Ashley furniture is still paying for a mattress taken back three times of more I am two years paying for i said that I was having surgery and needed a bed that I wouldn't roll off of i have to use a strap to lift my leg up and push and drag the rest of my body into bed I told them with one of the mattress the center was much higher in sleep I rolled right off the bed no concern no one sat on the to see the problem I sent pictures so now I have pain in my knee and my side and arms


I purchased 2 My Pillow Classic pillows from BB&Beyond and I'm returning them after one night's trial. My wife and I agree they are the most uncomfortable (and noisy) pillows we've ever owned. Neither of us were able to fall asleep on them.


Thanks for this!!! I was going to buy a set for a gift and now I will not buy this product from either one. I was looking into purchasing the mattress pad also from my pillows but I will pass buying their products.


It may not be my pillows fault. It could be false advertising or a fake product by a knock off, which we all know happens all the time.

This could b more of a BB&B problem. Just being objective


My authentic, made in the USA, “My Pillows” are amazing! I recently ordered two more pillows from Zulily at a very cheap price.

I just checked the delivery schedule and it’s a three week wait. I’m beginning to wonder if these pillows are knock offs coming from China.


This is common retail practice not only with my pillow. Which by the way are the greatest pillows around. Buy them online!


The reason they are different is because at Bed Bath & Beyond and other places like Walmart are selling the "classic" pillow. On the My Pillow website they are selling the newer "premium" pillow. It's not clear anywhere what the difference is except for there are more sizes available in the new premium one.


I had the same experience, I first bought the my pillow from the actual store, then since I liked it, I bought one from bb and beyond...and I was shocked by the difference...I hate the pillow from bb and beyond...but I too, threw away the box!!!


I received a My Pillow for Christmas. It was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I love it. It's helped me tremendously.

I don't understand the reviews here. It's a well made product, as well.


This is called a sponsors attack and it is all political. My pillows is a political of President Trump and the liberals are all attacking anyone supporting the conservative right. I think I will order four more My Pillows


I have been considering My Pillow for a long time. I saw them in BB&B last week and thought they were junk.

I couldn't understand why anyone would ever one of those. Thanks for the review


I purchased one from BBY also. I am very disappointed in it.

I will purchase from the web site now.

However, I feel I am a victim of "bait and switch". Out $50 buck!


Especially since the box at BBBY has the picture of the My pillow guy on it. I thought i was getting the same thing too when i purchased a pillow for my son.

I later saw a demonstration of the My Pillow on QVC.

i was shocked to see the difference.


was going to buy 2 my pillows thanks to your review its a no go


Me too

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