The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is.

The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep Foundation was founded by the My Pillow company for the purpose of being able to engage in what many would call false advertising. Why would anyone pay over $100.00 for a pillow sight unseen when you can purchase the best pillows on the market from Wall Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond for under $25.00? Furthermore, the head of the My Pillow company claims to be a "sleep expert".

Really? Where did he obtain his "degree"?

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Hey there Einstein, it falls apart just like a My Pillow.


which is just exactly what the fraud lindell did. youre a genius. hahahaha.


Of course! Cancel culture. Your opinions are only OK if they agree with them.


You should get out more


You paid over 100.00? so your dumb.

Thats not my pillows fault. Lol


Pillows are not even made for the white house.




Pres Trump wouldn't have allowed you in his bed to find out.


Coup on DC Capital.


Did the rioters have a huge pillow fight or something? Dumb comment only here to degrade an American company.


My Pillow guy is he coup of overthrowing the US Capital.


Trump University




We bought 2 pillows based on the hype/lies that the My Pillow PR spewed out. What a mistake, has My Pillow no shame. We used them for a couple of months - not near as nice as a down pillow, and didn’t deliver on any of their claims...


What would you expect from this guy


Dear Mr. My pillow guy, Lie down, put the pillow on your face, then roll over so you are facing down.


"My Pillow" is crap. Blew apart first time in wash machine after following the care instructions. Wil never ever purchase this junk again!


You are supporting the right wing when u this overpriced item

@Jastin Try

Keep political viewpoints comments to yourself.



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