The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is.

The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep Foundation was founded by the My Pillow company for the purpose of being able to engage in what many would call false advertising. Why would anyone pay over $100.00 for a pillow sight unseen when you can purchase the best pillows on the market from Wall Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond for under $25.00? Furthermore, the head of the My Pillow company claims to be a "sleep expert".

Really? Where did he obtain his "degree"?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I suspected that myself..So I Googled the National Sleep Foundation and what I suspected is already online. Haha..So typical...Start a Foundation to support your product..


He plays the God card. The man has no shame.


yea, I saw that cross hanging from his kneck. THAT was when I decided to actually look into this company.

I already knew it was a scam, but when I saw that cross hanging from his kneck, I just shook my head.

I think they should teach how to spot scams like these to our kids in high school. How to NOT be duped 101.


I saw the same cross on his neck and I thought the same thing that you did---HOW dare you use the cross of my LORD and dupe people into paying a $100.00 (or more) for his product! I researched what The National Sleep Foundation was.....turns out that it was founded for no other purpose than to promote his pillow!


So glad to see so many people have got this guys number. Notice the cross around his neck.

Sickens one doesn't it. We live among fools and so this crook makes a buck.


One has to be super careful when listening to these breathless ads on TV that claim certain endorsements. Particularly galling is the My Pillow ad that purports to deliver a breaking news item that My Pillow has just been named the "official pillow of the National Sleep Foundation.” How silly!

My Pillow has been running this ‘breaking news’ ad for weeks.

How many times can one run a commercial that supposedly breaks news before its absurdity is understood by viewers? The answer: Not many.


My pillow owns the national sleep foundation and only endorces one product and that is the"pillow". False advertising? U decide!


ok! how do you get someone for FALSE advertising?

who do you go to? The FCC..? He's doing this on public airwaves!

There has to be someone to notify. Does anyone know who to call?


Yes, you can contact the FCC and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and probably your state Attorney General


" PT Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute."


Actually, that phrase is often incorrectly attributed to P.T. Barnum. If said at all, it was most likely spoken by David Hannum as a criticism of Barnum and his customers, according to Wikipedia.


I bought the My Pillow and returned it because it did not support my head. I bought a Martha Stewart pillow from Macys for $24 which does the job. My Pillow is a fraud!


So you turned instead to the multi-millionaire convicted felon. How ironic.



Watch the My Pillow TV ad attentively. While the "inventor" claims that his pillow keeps its shape under the weight of your head and shoulders, he simultaneously compresses part of the pillow with his left arm, so that the volume accessible for pillow's stuffing decreases, making the effectively smaller tighter-stuffed pillow more resistant to the pressure of "inventor's" right hand.

Certainly a crude false advertising.


i wonder what the #2 pillow the sleep foundation recommends is?

that's the one i'll buy hehehe


That is exactly what I was thinking because at 78 I've bought good pillows at under $20.00 in stores around Corpus Christ, Los Angeles, NYC, etc.


Thanks for the honest negative comments. My present pillow was at the end of its useful life and I figured I'd try a MyPillow.

After reading several comments, I decided a local department store was where I should go to purchase my next pillow.


I suspected this might be the case when I heard the ad. That's why I looked this up.


This the same reason I looked it up.


Not that I don't agree, but exactly what kind of "degrees" are awarded to "sleep experts"? However, I kind of imagine that anyone who sleeps, or especially anyone who has problems sleeping can justifiably be called "sleep experts".

No degree required, or probably wanted.

But back to the main subject, I agree that these pillows are way overpriced and that the manufacturer should be investigated for shoddy advertising. The only way to make that happen is to complain to Consumer Affairs.

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