The advertisements for the My Pillow claim it is the number one pillow recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. Of course it is.

The only products recommended by the National Sleep Foundation are the My Pillow products and that is because the National Sleep Foundation was founded by the My Pillow company for the purpose of being able to engage in what many would call false advertising. Why would anyone pay over $100.00 for a pillow sight unseen when you can purchase the best pillows on the market from Wall Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond for under $25.00? Furthermore, the head of the My Pillow company claims to be a "sleep expert".

Really? Where did he obtain his "degree"?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Advertisement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Be assured that My Pillow has the entire scientific community behind them.

There is consensus that My Pillow is the pillow of the future.

97% of the scientists there agree.

They are not available for a few more days but you'll be able to reach them at the climate change conference at the end of their meetings and before they depart to their home countries.


If they were assoc with the gov. then their website would be .gov not .org.

Go on go-daddy.com....anyone can get a .org....no one can get a .gov unless they are actually a gov entity.


As I watched the interminable amount of My Pillow commercials on TV, I wondered the same thing. Was there a connection between the my pillow founder and the National Sleep Foundation?

Not only is it dishonest, but it is false advertising to show an "endorsement" without mentioning the relationship.

This is the reason why I will never buy a My Pillow. Do they think that most people are too *** to ask the same question that I did?


What I don't understand is who's definition of the Foundation is correct? How can we have so many different facts?

If the pillow works and you get a good nites rest so what the cost and who cares if the SLLEEP FOUNDATION is My Pillows Company. Iam sure Wal-Mart has a compreable pillow for alot less! Go buy it!!

Stop wasting time being e nvious or jealous of a person trying to make a living and not to mentio employing several people who pay taxes and raising families! Verna


Thank you anonymous...for being a complete ***

The whole point of this posting is that the My Pillow company is being deceitful...if they own the "foundation" and use that foundation as the impetus as to why you should purchase this product...then they are committing fraud.

Enjoy your pillow of rocks for 4x the cost of anything else on the market.

BTW...as a business owner myself...I am not envious (or jealous...mr redundant, of the department of redundancy department) of other competitors....BUT if they started doing business by lying about the quality of their product by false endorsements...then yes I have a problem with that...and so do most rational people....obviously you don't...I believe that explains itself.

And if you are a Mr. Pillow representative (as I suspect you are) then please feel free to stop attackng other side for having an opinion...otherwise feel free to lay your head down and gently place you oh so comfortable pillow right over your face and "get some sleep"


OK. Were you on something when you wrote this comment? Or are you naturally incorrect grammatically?


Now the truth comes out.My pillow has many bad views so will go else where.


Actually, that's not true. The National Sleep Foundation is a legitimate non-profit.

My Pillow is just misrepresenting the "official" designation.

its really just cross marketing. My pillow gets to be official pillow, and the NSF gets their sleep tips brochure to every *** that buys one of these worthless devil pillows.


Now I get it; thank you! I was trying to figure out the nature of what was obviously something other than an arm's length relationship with My Pillow and what appears to be a true 501 (c)3 organization.

How on earth were they connected (?), I was asking myself. AHA and thank you! Seems the My Pillow folks hand out NSF literature with each pillow. So, some sort of rather informal agreement between the two gets a "creative spin" (read: slimy, bordering on fraudulent) by the fellow who owns My Pillow; suggesting that the NSF is actually is recommending this product.

Interesting. And, very, very, slimy.


Best pillow on the market from Wal-mart....for $25??? R u knutz???

I am no My Pillow fan...BB&B have some really good pillows but not for $25... $125.00 is about what a really good pillow will cost you..


I know every body one here won't listen to me but the national sleep foundation is not owned by the my pillow company. My pillow was created in 2004 and is a company owned privately in minisota by Mike Lindell.

The national sleep foundation was founded in 1990 and works with the national health institute and FDA and is located in Washington DC. I am not quite sure where this guy got his information but it turns out he is way off base. Not sure if these links will post but I will include links to my sources.

I am not saying the product is great or will do all they promise just that this guy's unproven claims without citation about the NSF and my pillow are way way off base and are founded with no evidence.




Where is minisota?


Just west of maxisota.


And just north of mediumsota.


Anyone wishing to visit minisota should just motosota on over.


Ok, tell me where is minisota?


The national sleep foundation was founded in 1990 and works with the national health institute and FDA and is located in Washington DC.

There is no "national health institute" in Washington DC.


It was posted "The national sleep foundation was founded in 1990 and works with the national health institute and FDA and is located in Washington DC."

There is nothing called the "national health institute" so the rest of this statement is bogus.


Look, the guy can't spell Minnesota, so it should not be surprising that he scrambled the title of the "National Institute of Health". He is, however, correct in his assessment.

The National Sleep Foundation is a legitimate non-profit organization that is, indeed, recognized by the National Institutes of Health. It is located in Virginia, not DC, however.


Your righting contest is HORRIBLE. Thank you for further decimating the English language!

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