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This pillow is overpriced, it is just shredded polyurethane foam, you can buy a big bag bag the stuff for $10.00 on the internet and make your own. This was the pillow I had as a working class child, so he did not invent it.

It is really not comfortable because it is lumpy. Somehow the poor persons pillow has become the expensive pillow. And I returned it and never got my money back. Their customer service is awful.

There business practices are unlawful. I talked to people on the phone and they said they didn't have a record of it.

I finally gave up on getting my money back. Please do not buy this pillow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Dover, Ohio, United States #1284556

I bought it, but I hate it.


It's really just shredded foam? *** I love the shredded foam and have always made my own since you can't buy them anywhere anymore.

I sure the *** wouldn't pay that much for one! Thanks for saving me money!!


Every time I see the ad I get angry - and no longer believe the Sleep Institute. It becomes flat within minutes and I spend all night turning it over to get where the chunks of polyurethane have bunched.

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