mom was a health 64 year old. the first night she slept with this pillow she died - did the pillow kill her?

yes, police investigators determined that the pillows noxious odor and deadly interior chemicals killed mom. hey are going to arrest that phony fro tv and make him eat the pillow. yep it killed mom,killed her dead, it did, it killed her. I cried i did i did for a lot of hours when mom died fro that *** pillow murderer killer.

oh mom,i miss you, why did you sleep with that killer pillow. i cried i did i did i did, oh oh my why, why why why ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

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Ha ha, real funny...not! When someone's mom really does die and then reads this it's not funny, not funny at all!


Anonymous - So far I have no complaints regarding the pillows themselves. I cannot say I sleep any better with Mike's pillows than any other manufacturers.

My complaint is as follows: I feel Mike may suffer from "Butcher's Thumb", a old practice of where a butcher added weight to his scale by pushing down on scale, where customer could not see his activity.


He plumps pillow up, then holds shape with his left hand. It is done more than once.


Ugh bro. Making a joke out of a mom dying?

I know you are trying to be funny but your not. Bad taste man. Hope the My Pillow dude sues you for slander.

He has a case. ***.


Interesting report sorry for the death of your mother nut how did yhe chemicals kill her?


This sounds extremely phony


And your bored to death that's why your reply is so long & sick!

Frankfort, Illinois, United States #1093496

the lady wanting pictures is sick!! Oh! Yeah nosy also!

Frankfort, Illinois, United States #1093495

First I would like to say I am sorry about. Did you sue the man/company that makes these pillows?

If not why? She was your mom not some stranger on the street.

Don't know when this happened but I am sure she would want you to do something about it. Why not come out ahead financially?


Your an ***. Get a life


Hey, as long as you are reading this, is there any way you could post some photos of the crime scene? Inquiring minds want to see!

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1087824

Well, picking apart your comment, what the F does a "health 64 year old" mean? Is that code for "she was already dead before her head hit the killer pillow"?

I think you need to take a course in keyboarding, OR is it that you are typing with one hand because you now have the pillow over someone else's head trying to kill them and then write another review saying it also killed another member of your family? (Are you the beneficiary of a lot of your family's wills or something?)

The clue to who REALLY killed your mother is in your review, and stated over and over and over, in fact FIVE TIMES, you said, "I did, I did, I did, I did, I did." So, now take that frigging pillow and put it tight over your own face and do us all a favor. Be sure and push down as hard as you did with your mother that first night...or just go face down. You don't seem to have the brains enough to lift yourself up from that position and your pee-brain should suffocate in a matter of minutes.

LMFAO at the "killer" comments though!! tao


One stormy night, not long ago this pillow snuck into my dog's house and smothered it...then it returned to bed as though nothing happened!! Over the course of several weeks it's knocked off the rest of my family.

When smothering didn't work it just used the 38 special in the nightstand!!

Now I hear it at the door, coming for me!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!


If infact the fumes from the pillow were determined to be the cause, then lawsuit is absolutely the next step. A good lawyer-lol,...or a well read pro se litigant can ask for several forms of damages


Really. . News?


Now I know what to get the liberals in my life

to Anonymous Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1087826

They could sell more pillows for liberals and ISIS with this pillow!! No need to advertise, one FB post would do the trick...I'm ordering them now!

to Anonymous #1110652

it's funny how all the posts I see referring to murdering people on the basis of political views come from conservatives


Greatest review I ever read

Fairfield, Maine, United States #1073788

Sounds to me.... like someone got fired from MyPillow.

I'm drawing up a cartoon that will post on Fb.

I'll get a few million views, make some cash and send you $10 so you can purchase a resume kit from staples. My condolences......


You know it's a shame. I'm not taking up for the pillow company or the person who said their Mother died.

I wasn't there so I can't judge, if the person is telling the truth then he should sue the pillow company. I don't see why anyone would lie that would be PRETTY *** SICK!

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