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This company runs over 250 commercial per day on FOX network. Are you kidding me this is nuts do these people think that anyone is does not want a new pillow wants to hear the voice of Mike Lindell 250 times a day.

I watch the news for the news not for some *** on television running his big mouth about a dammed pillow. really Mike Lindell get a clue no one cares that much about a pillow.

In addition just for running your commercial so many *** times I would not buy that pillow if it were the last pillow on the earth. get a *** clue

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: get off the air .

Preferred solution: get off the air .

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Wow, I totally agree with those other people sick of hearing that damn, "My Pillow" commercial!!The dude way over does it with way to many times a day. I have to hold the remote to mute it cause I'm so sick of it!By the way, I volunteer at my church (for 3 1/2 years) cooking dinner for the homeless.

For Mr. Waaa Waaaa.


Waaa waaaa the guy pulled himself out of the gutter and became a success! I could only dream of running tons of commercials on Fox for my business.

It’s a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be Americans. He also donates a lot of money to charities.

What do the cry babies do for the less fortunate?!

*** and moan about commercials?


Congratulations Mike!

to Walter Cox #1395543

I agree! Good for him.

Hesperia, California, United States #1219866

It bugs the *** out of me when he mispronounces the word "inventor", he actual says "Inventure" of My Pillow! He also makes sure his cross is dangling in plain sight around his neck and outside of his shirt.

to Anonymous #1395544

Get over it. I’m guessing you’re perfect.

to Anonymous #1414612

"Inventure" may be seen as a portmanteau of "invention" and "adventure".


Agreed. You must watch Fox news more than I do.

I had even complained to Fox News about them airing this commerical so many times. But of course. I never got a responce back from them. Everytime I see this B.S.

of a commerical of there's I want throw the remote at the tv. Glad I'm not the only who hates this commerical.

Sometimes I would like to take that pilliow of his and suffocate that SOB on that commerical. :)

to Anonymous #1473363

The only reason FOX News has been showing so many My Pillow advertisements has been due to so many other companies pulling their ads because of controversial and false news on every FOX show, most recently due to the Parkland school shooting. Apparently the owner of My Pillow, unlike other businesses, has no scruples about making a buck considering he increased the amount of commercial airtime he had.


Oh, so right. The ad is annoying beyond screaming!

My pillow should think about (at least) changing the ad every few weeks or months. It's torture..

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