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6-16-17. 9:15am.

9:30am. Some mornings there are three commercials within 45 minutes. Also this the same old commercial that was aired in Dec 2015!

No originality. Very, very annoying

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If you can’t sleep, it isn’t because you don’t own one of these pillows made of shredded foam rubber! That’s his first lie.

If you don’t know that this man is a liar, (two years of “research”?!) then you should know that he’s a crook when you see what these stupid pillows cost! Do some research on what is best for getting a good night’s sleep. Get to bed at a certain time every night. Don’t watch tv in bed and use a down (not feather) pillow.

THEY are the best and if you use a cover and wash your pillow case at least once a week or more and your pillow cover once a month...your pillow will last for a generation or maybe even longer.

They can be washed too...very easily. This Mike Lindell joker is brainwashing the masses with his endless commercials and shame on fox news for allowing this and Liberty Mutual to inundate us this way!!


I think Adolph Lindell is using his Meine Pillow to commit pillow-genocide! He wants his pillow to be the ON LY pillow in the United States and eventually, the World!


WE are all pleading with My Pillow to stop all the repetitive, annoying commercials. Even if we had any thoughts of buying this pillow and it was the best pillow ever, my family, friends and I will NEVER EVER buy this pillow as companies who feel that bombarding the TV with commercials will sell their product, the result is the reverse at the end of the day as it is disrupting their enjoyment of watching TV.

Enough is enough...stop all the commercials.

It is a desperate way of trying to sell your product. Instead, lower your prices and stop paying for all these advertisements that cannot be cheap.


I have to agree with all of you. These commercials are the most annoying and are overplayed. Shriners, MyPillow, Gold&Silver, and all of the constant adds for medications...

If you want a good pillow try a latex pillow by your favorite brand name, NOT MyPillow.


I have to agree, these commercials are too long, too often and too annoying.

What really grates is how smarmy and fake Mike is.

I don't like his broad, Northern accent and that dumb crucifix necklace he wears waaayyy too obviously as an appeal to religious Fox News numb nuts. What a clown.

to LynchMyPillowMike #1436162

I agree that i CANT STAND these horribly annoying commercials and Id pay to make them stop. But because he wears a cross hes appealing to Fox news audience?

So your somehow taking this terrible commercial and somehow turning it into a political campaign?? Your a special kind of stupid...


Sick of them and wouldn’t buy one just for this reason.


We are OVERDOSED with the MyPillow commercials. Would not even consider that product due to the annoying commercials.

Surely they know that consumers are hacked off by all that annoyance.

WE change channels, turn down the audio.

We're ready to leave the room or turn off the TV now.


Had I seen the commercial a few times, I may not be writing this comment. But since it seems to be aired more than anyone in their right mind would appreciate, here I am.

I finally went to the website to check the price. Oh my gosh, you would spend that much for a pillow sight unseen? Desperate or you have way too much money? So someone is making it in the USA.

By now, should all of the employees be millionaires as well. Just wondering what the net cost is to make it.


The level of annoyance suffered on any and every channel from ads for "My Pillow" is off the charts. How full of oneself must he be, with paid actors feigning thrills to find him lurking in their medicine chest?

Only to leap into their bedroom to discuss their beddie-by habits? To be constantly subjected to his brand of schlock on every network at every hour of day and night makes "Flo" begin to look appealing by comparison.

Mike needs to get swept away by a monstrous dust bunny, like.... YESTERDAY!


there should be a law limiting the amount of commercials allowed. Someone please stop these things once and for all!


I hate seeing this commercial over and over all day, The company must spend all there profits on advertising. I hope it stops soon.

It is bad enough being on one channel but more than one is sickening. Stop!

Stop!!!!! I am sure that I am not the only person that hates hearing this afternoon over and over.

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