I have quit watching Fox new because of too many my pillow commercials. Love the programs like Hannity, Tucker Carlson and The Ingraham angle.

But I got burned out on all the man and his pillow commercial.

Come on fox. Find new sponsor.

User's recommendation: AON news.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Location: Rowlett, Texas

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Its the blue shirt with the cross hanging out. Whoever wears a cross like that?

He is pedaling this crap to the religious right. I love the shows but mute and scroll up one channel so I don't have to even see this lying bast____.


Also mike lindel’s fraud about his my pillow towels. The competitor towels were treated with chemicals to prevent them from absorbing liquid. The fcc needs to enforce truth in advertising.


Were do we begin to boycott networks showing his commercials?


Too many My Pillow commercials on ABC. I can't stand the man and he is still supporting that loser Trump too! I always change the channel and sometimes forget to change back so, they lose another viewer each time.


I totally agree! Can't figure out how he is allowed to aire that many commercials on @***.com ! They just never seem to stop!!!


The reason for the proliferation of My Pillow ads during your Fox prime time is that very few companies want to be associated with the rhetoric, bigotry and falsehoods promoted by the Fox prime time "talent". Mike Lindell has no such qualms and Fox is giving him the slots cheap, because they don't have anyone else willing to buy the slots.


Follow the money. Lindell is a mouthpiece.

I suspect a hidden owner. Excuse my paranoia, but could a subliminal message be hidden in these commercials?




What do you expect from my pillow so called endorsers! They are PAID to b. s you


There is a reason that my pillow continues to saturate advertisements for so long: their products don’t sell well


I think I have worn out the mute button on my remote. I mute every single my pillow commercial.


I hate two things about FOX News: 1. My Pillow commercials over and over.

2. Everybody on there is selling a book.


I totally agree...too many of these moronic commercials on Fox New Channel! Thanks for the post...too bad nothing ever changes!


I agree with all others who have complained about excessive My Pillow commercials. I am an avid fan of Fox News Channel and watch it 24/7 but if these constant ads don't stop I will find another news channel.

Never has a TV ad annoyed me to this extent!!

My demographic is white female age 83 in California, registered Republican. I already bought the damn pillows, nothing special....PLEASE STOP THE EXCESSIVE ADS!!!!!


I now watch oan and newsmax.


I quit Fox News because of this moronic Commercial My F!@#$G pillow


I wish Fox would get the message that people are tuning off Fox because of these incessant My Pillow commercials It’s obnoxious already and no matter what the pillow can make you loose sleep


I also are pissed at my pillow and Fox 5 must really need the money


Exactly!!! Couldn't have said it any better myself.


I agree. Everyone, including Fox must know this guy's products are inferior.

He's bringing Fox ratings down because no one wants to listen to his dribble any longer. Now he's trying to force his book down our throats. There seems to be no end to him.

He wins. I turn off the channel when I hear him come on.

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