I was interested in purchasing My Pillow and went to my local Bed, Bath and Beyond store. Upon viewing the man on the front of the pillow ad, I was highly offended.

What possible connection is there between him wearing a cross around his neck and this pillow? How dare you try to pander to the religious sect by putting this cross around his neck. The sales person also told me that this cross was not on the original packaging.

Didn't sell enough pillows without it? Of course, I did not purchase it and put a review on social media.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: packeging .

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Idol worship.


Thank you! I am a Christian and was pretty upset last night when I realized that the Mypillow guy was wearing his cross outside his shirt in an obvious attempt to sell pillows. Jesus is NOT a marketing tool and I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from a company that uses religious symbols for personal monetary gain.


The meaning of the cross is the sacrifice and love of Jesus for those who believe. Don't let the deceiver (Satan), the father of lies keep you in his grips. God is your creator and loves you dearly.

Hudson, Massachusetts, United States #1231150

I to was offended by the use of the cross dangling from his neck. That alone turned me off from making a purchase.

He figured he'd make a profit off the religious sector. So disgusting.


suckers . anyone can fake belief with a Cross!

and Flags.American Pipeline company just spoiled the California coastline. yet a very Patriotic Name!!


Dude give me a break. You're seriously going to have a problem with a cross being in an advertisement?

And bother to drive home and go online to *** about it? If you have a legitimate complaint about the product or customer service, then fine.

Spare us your childish complaints. There is no pleasing idiots like you.

to Anonymous #994713

I am Christian but am offended by ploys Companies use of Flags and Cross idols!

to Anonymous #1605996

Beware of false prophets and false idols. Read your bible before you shoot your mouth off. Dolt!


I swear if someone breathes wrong these days, someone will be offended by it. Why can't we act like adults anymore?

I am so sick of hearing about someone being offended by something so minuscule.

Grow up you little ignorant child. I guess some folks have nothing better to to with thier life than be offended by anything they don't agree with.


nothing like going off topic to spout your personal beliefs. ***!


The man can wear whatever necklace he chooses. Get a life and buy something else.

Good grief.


You are pathetic..Enjoy your eternity in the lake of fire.


Good grief what has this World come to. I wear a cross every single day, did you ever think this had nothing to do with trying to sell you something.

You obviously take yourself much too seriously.

Was the product a good product? I really could care let about your, or his, religious convictions or lack there of.


You have a problem with cross's....


Why not give an honest review of the product instead of the man selling it.

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