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I purchased the Serta Always Comfortable Mattress Topper several weeks ago. It states "Our mattress toppers are immediately vacuum-packed and sealed for your protection, which sometiems results in a slight "new" smell when you first unpack.

The smell is harlmless and will disappear quickly." Well, the smell did not disappear even after airing it out. I took the topper back and my mattress, pillows, blankets,sheets all have the smell in them even after several washes. My mattress is only 1 year old and now has a smell. The smell is so bad it is on my body in my pores after sleeping.

You can almost taste it.

This is harmful!!!

This needs to be taken off the market!!

I have baking soda sitting on my mattress now (again) Just woke up and the smell is making me sick. Like I mentioned, its in my pores my skin even smells.

I have appointment with doctor today to discuss this.

A fairly new mattress ruined....making me sick!!

I will pursue this issue.


Pam Edwards : Sad Angry Shrug Shocked Cry

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Mattress Topper.

Reason of review: Toxic topper: making me sick.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: If this final time of using baking soda on the mattress, pillows,blankets, sheets does not work I believe the right thing to do is be compensated for the loss. New mattress ( minus depreciation of the year I had it, I do have receipt) suffering costs.

MyPillow Pros: No pros.

MyPillow Cons: I purchased at kohls, Are not the problem its the product.

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When you search - this comes up My Pillow but it is a bad report for Serta - please remove the my pillow. Very confusing


I bought a Serta mattress topper from kohl’s and it was supposed to be certipur but it stunk like crazy! They used formaldehyde it is not Serta pur at all! My pillow mattress topper is Certipur and they don’t use formaldehyde !

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