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I ordered two sets of towels. Expedited versus standard shipping was poorly explained at the time I put in my order.

Since I wanted to be sure to get merchandise for Xmas, I asked specifically whether my order would be treated differently depending upon shipping option. The representative said, No. It will be put in when the order is processed, not how it is being shipped. Since I had over three weeks for the shipment to make it in time, I chose standard shipping.

Luckily, I checked with customer service a week after placing the order. I discovered that the towels had not yet been shipped and they would not be arriving by Christmas. I was told that I could switch to expedited shipping, or cancel my order, i.e., in order to get them by Xmas, I had to change my shipping to expedited, paying more for such service than if I would have originally chosen that option 10 days ago! I am an elderly person on a fixed income in her late 70s.

I wanted to support the company because I heard that it had been unfairly targeted. I had a very positive image of the company before this order. After this experience, I would NEVER recommend the company - not even to my worst enemy! This company nickel and dimes the customer.

Keep in mind that I am a lifelong MN resident who feels strongly that it is important that we support our local companies.

I am STILL worried that my order won't arrive on time and in excellent condition - issues I never had before I dealt with the company's customer service staff. Julie A

User's recommendation: Find another company!

MyPillow Cons: Lousy customer service.

Location: Denver, Colorado

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