I washed my pillow today, and balanced it off with sheets. It wouldnt spin.

I almost broke my machine, it is in the back yard on a chair. Now what do I do with a soaking wet pillow, cant put it in the dryer...If there is another way this can be dried, I would like to know.

Is there a particular way to wash the pillow, I used warm water, the washing machine kept stopping and now I have a pillow that is not drying and I cannot use. I hope you can help

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Parsippany, New Jersey

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it broke my drier. I am pissed!

It’s made of stupid foam cut out pieces. I followed the instructions exactly I hope the guy who made it gets his entire business shut down he is a lair and totally ripped everyone off and now cost me even more in broken drier.


why cant your put them in the dryer? the door locked? they are made so you can put them in the dryer.


Washed our pillows many many times over the span of 7 years never had a problem. Your washing machine is your problem, not the pillows. Time for new machines?


Sheets don't soak up much water. When the spin cycle starts, sheets will shed what little water they might contai very quickly.

Since the sheets are evenly distributed and don't weigh much at the start of the spin cycle the still very wet pillow will cause an imbalance.

Might try something smaller that really soaks up water, like a bunch of terrycloth towels. When the spin cycle starts they will shed water at about the same rate as the pillow, resulting an in a much more balanced load that a typical wahing machine can handle.

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