I am very particular about a pillow. I ordered two and I will tell you this is the worst pillow I have ever owned.

It gets hot and it's very lumpy. Can't get comfortabe. I gave it a week and that was a week of very little sleep. My husband who can sleep on anything was not at all impressed.

I tried calling the company, but they talked around the issue and said give it more time. She was'st in the least bit nice. I still have the pillows, but don't use them at all. I am sure that's exactly what they thought would happen.

Beware, this is a very poor cheep product.

This man should be ashamed of himself. SCAM yes that's what I would call it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oakland, California, United States #1177453

Sorry to rain on your parade... It's an f-ing pillow I own 4 pillows, two for me and two for my girl friend.... It took me a couple of months but what you need to do is get the pillow cases I will f-ing guarantee you'll be sleeping happily through the night!!!!


Dude wears a cross around his neck and acts like some God given savior to the sleep deprived. Well, the American dream I guess. You can sell a pillow stuffed with dried dog turds and people will still by them.


Got my pillow yesterday. Not satisfied for the price, yet.

Did get five hours sleep with it last night. Feel this was more total exhaustion from cancer/chronic pain. Price is about right for a premium pillow. Do not order from tv or company direct.

Go to amazon and order with prime. There in 36 hours. Better than cheaper pillows I have been suffering with. Took nap on it.

Am still so-so.

Wife and mother have had them for several months. Again, so so. Of course, add HAS to say they are the greatest. Otherwise poor sales.

Just know you are only getting a decent, not great pillow.

Also , too stiff and fluffy. Then your head sinks down in it.

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