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It is GREED that drives their need to run so many spots. Please STOP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Im so sick of this guy and his offensive commercials that never end. They are on nonstop.

And just the you think that just maybe he.

has saturated the market and no one else will buy his God awful pillows, he comes up with a new product, a mattress cover. So I guess we're stuck with this scam artist who will just ever go away.


Please stop the madness! I'm so sick of seeing the same stupid commericals. Especially if you research the quality of their product and the validity of their claims, you will find the quality is poor and claims are not supported by the reviews.


I change the channel every time when these commercials come on because I am so sick of them and they are so stupid !!


Definitely! It is really annoying! The next annoying ad is the PC matic with the lousy band


I agree. Something must be done about the constant barrage of My Pillow Commercials on Fox.

It’s sickening. Fox should be boycotted until they get the message.


I agree. I turn the channel off when their commercials come on which is really often.

Guess the only way to get them off the air is to complain to their sponsors that we are no longer watching their programs when these God aweful commercials cone on. That might slow My Pillow down .

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