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I just saw the owner of MyPillow espousing Donald Trump for president. Is it any wonder that the man sells a product built on lies and deceitful sales tactics?

We really need to be critical thinkers whenever we buy anything. What are the values and ideals of the company you buy from? Are they honest even when no one is looking?Think twice before buying from this company is my suggestion. I am not espousing any other candidate in this missive.

But I cannot understand why anyone would elect someone who has been sued hundred of times, disparaged people rather than build them up. Just think before acting.

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San Bernardino, California, United States #1243604

Your liberal hatred for something made in america? Your political views of hatred to a man who endorsed donald trump?

Get off your leftist liberal high horse.. nothing is free ..

you have to work for it.. and this man is working for it.

Berlin, Maryland, United States #1242043

It was helpful and of all the comments this one made me make up my mind not to purchase

Berlin, Maryland, United States #1242042

Of all the reviews this one made up my mind

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1239611

Get over your Trump comments sore looser

Auburndale, Florida, United States #1239430

That is the problem with this country, everybody needs to be "Built Up", Not everyone can win, someone has to lose. Not everyone wins a trophy.


Go Trump!!!! He is better than the LIAR and crook HRC!!!

Clearwater, Florida, United States #1238289

Get a life and learn to read beyond news media.....

Lewes, Delaware, United States #1238098

quite an imagination thanks for sharing your political views about a pillow

Hixson, Tennessee, United States #1238031

This is not about politics psycho....its about a freaking pillow!!! Has nothing to do with who is running for president!!

Helena, Montana, United States #1237690

So honesty, values & ideals depict Hillary?! Might as well put a For Sale sign in front of the White House.

Marlboro Township, New Jersey, United States #1237507

I think your just writing a bad review because you don't like his political views and if that's the case then this review should be dismissed because has noting to do with the product itself.

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