This is the worst pillow that I have ever purchased. It is Lumpy and not comfortable at all.

When I try to use it I always have a headache after about an hour. Only have had it a few days. Probably will try and send it back. I think the people that gave good reviews got paid to give the review.

I would never recommend this pillow to anyone.

Also very overpriced for the quality of this pillow. Very disappointed in this item, and will never purchase anything from this company again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree completely. Most uncomfortable pillow I ever used.

Feels like a sack full of foam bits (which is what it is). I returned it after a week. Too expensive also.

No wonder they're giving you one free now. Unhappy lady.

to Anonymous #1134050

I bought 2 made from the same material by a big name matress company and paid $12 bucks for the pair, could not believe that "Mr Pillow" would be exactly what i already had which i liked, but cost $80 more, they were shipped back for a refund the next day. If you have a Burlinton store where you live, you get 2 king size for $12 bucks, Walmart also sells one similar to the "My Pillow" for $7.00

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